What are RAW Rewards?

I really value and care about my customers and developed my RAW Rewards Program to reward your loyalty from the purchases you make, reward you if you spread the word, reward you if you follow on social media and reward you if you refer a friend. At the heart of all of these rewards is the fact I want you to become your healthiest self.

How do you Join the RAW Rewards Program?

It's super easy... just look to the bottom left corner of any page and you will see the RAW Rewards icon (just like the one shown below), just click the icon and you will see a join now button, click it and enter your name and email address (make sure you use your correct email address as this is where you are notified about your current level of rewards points) and then to reward you for taking that first step you will immediately earn 200 RAW Reward Points.

⬇️ Just look for and click on this icon on any page in the bottom left corner

Raw Rewards Icon

What do you have to do to earn RAW Rewards Points?

There are many ways to earn rewards, here's a list of ways that you can instantly start earning RAW Rewards Points.

How to Earn RAW Rewards     Referral Rewards

Further RAW Rewards will be offered and manually be added to your account for participating in particular activities in the 21 Days to Healthy Habits & Raw Men Peak Physical Performance Naturally Facebook Groups, so look out for ways to earn RAW Rewards in the Groups.

How do you use the RAW Rewards Points?

That is also super simple, you can trade your RAW Reward Points for $$ off discounts coupons to use on any purchase, we've set up the following spends for the RAW Rewards to kick things off but will offer more values in the future.

Ways to Spend the RAW Rewards Points

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