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Raw Nutrients Pure Essential Minerals

Raw Nutrients

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Raw Nutrients Pure Essential Minerals is specially formulated to combine 7 trace minerals with all 72 Dead Sea minerals (DSM) for a pure, highly concentrated supplement that delivers the exact amount of macrominerals, microminerals, and trace minerals that your body needs for the day.

Benefits of Raw Nutrients Pure Minerals

  • Magnesium is an essential mineral that can be found in nuts and leafy vegetables.
  • Zinc supports your immune system.
  • Zinc helps reduce the severity and duration of ills and chills.
  • Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that removes the unstable atoms in your body called free radicals.
  • Manganese is required by your body in very small amounts to keep your brain and nervous system properly functioning. This mineral helps protect your brain cells against harmful free radicals, and supports neurotransmitters and your body’s electrical impulses, keeping your brain sharp and alert.
  • Chromium supports healthy glucose levels and insulin in the body. Found in plant products like grains, chromium supplementation is very important for diabetics.
  • Molybdenum is needed to support the enzymes in your body! Without molybdenum, your body wouldn’t be able to process amino acids or break down food during the digestive process.
  • Chloride is an important electrolyte that regulates the fluids in your body, while maintaining proper blood volume.
  • Boron supports bone health and joint mobility.

TAPS: PP6190

Adults: Take 2ml daily in water, juice or food, or as directed by your health professional.

Per 2ml Serve:

Servings Per Bottle: 30
Magnesium ( DSM) 25mg
Zinc ( Zinc Chloride ) 15mg
Selenium ( Sodium Selenate) 70mcg
Manganese ( Manganese Gluconate) 2mg
Chromium ( Chromium Chloride) 120mcg
Molybdenum ( Sodium Molybdate) 75mcg
Chloride ( Dsm and Zinc) 108mg
Boron ( Sodium Borate and DSM) 3mg

Other ingredients: Purified Water, Dead Sea Minerals ( DSM), Citric Acid, Potassium Benzoate (less than 0.1%).

Vegetarian formula

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